In a nutshell, X10A manages your interactive communications projects and campaigns.

Why? To get your message across, engage your target audience and generate powerful, lasting results.

How? Well, that’s a little more complicated. At X10A, communications project management involves:
- developing strategy and concept-based communications plans
- compiling comprehensive multimedia plans
- realizing online, offline, interactive and social media-driven campaigns or stand-alone communications projects
- organizing surveys and/or market research
- managing project budgets
- following up on results and analysing them
- aligning internal communications and boosting motivation

More specifically, X10A is well versed in:
- coordinating and organizing communication campaigns for new business projects
- finding the right creative, production and media partners for virtually any communications project
- putting together the right teams to drive success, whatever the final objective.

The big picture
Why do I talk about communication campaigns and not advertising campaigns? Brand building is all about communication. It is a two-way process that is more like a conversation than a broadcast; more about interaction than dissemination. Advertising, in other words, is just one piece of a much bigger picture that ranges from design to events, public relations and ultimately what people do with your brand in their daily lives and online. Brands speak in so many different ways. Which is why you need a communications expert well versed in all of them.

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